Contact CeMOS

If you wish to contact us, please use the appropriate contact forms (via the links below).  This guarantees that your request will be forwarded to the right contact person as soon as possible:

  • Inquiries from industry: If you are interested in cooperation or in research and development contracts

  • Student projects: If you want to do a student research project within the institute

  • General inquiries: All questions, suggestions and criticism that does not fit into one of the topics above

If you would like to contact certain members of the institute directly, you will find the relevant contact details  on the staff page.


Mailing address:

Paul-Wittsack-Straße 10

68163 Mannheim


Visiting address:

John Deere Street 81a

68163 Mannheim



+49 621 761-508-11

+49 621 761-508-99