IT- Image analysis, bioinformatics and data science

Multivariate chemometrics, algorithmic development and research-oriented prototyping for proof-of-concept studies

With a strong expertise in machine learning and data science, CeMOS offers research collaborations and provides services in advanced multivariate statistics, subtype discovery and latent pattern recognition in multimodal hyperspectral datasets focusing on quick agile prototyping and algorithmic research directed towards proof-of-concept studies.

Computational support for molecular imaging applications 

CeMOS provides scalable and distributed computational power directed towards answering frequent questions in molecular imaging applications such as drug screening and quantification in tissue specimens, biomarker discovery, targeted screening for analytes, spatial correlations and multivariate analytics.

Multimodal integration of hyperspectral imaging datasets

CeMOS provides methods for fusion of multimodal datasets such as MALDI-MSI, mid-/ near-infrared and Raman imaging spectroscopy, false-color image maps, optical images and stained high-resolution images to enable data-driven research.

Providing API solutions and plug-ins for imaging software platforms

CeMOS collaborates with existing imaging software solutions to bridge the gap between proprietary platforms and open-source community-driven programmatic solutions.

Employment of state of the art technologies in software and hardware

To overcome computational and storage limits of single computing instances, CeMOS provides scalable solutions based on light-weight container technology that allows a flexible distribution in a clustered computing environment, in combination with powerful edge computing devices to process measurement data directly at their source.

Developing strategies for building research-focused but industry-grade computing clusters and scalable data management and storage infrastructure

CeMOS provides a systematic analysis of the data load and computational requirements and provide custom solutions for analytics needs and data infrastructure.